80% of businesses nationwide finance all or some of their capital equipment

What Type of Financing Is Available At Team?

Each account is setup individually to fit YOUR company’s needs on payment schedule, term, and type.

Fair Market Value/10% or 20% Purchase Option

  • May allow company to have off-balance sheet financing (more appealing to financial institutions for future purchases)
  • Hedges a company against equipment obsolescence
  • Allows for lowest possible monthly payment

$1 Out Purchase Option

  • Allows a company to own the equipment upon termination of lease
  • Fixed payment for more accurate budgeting
  • Lessee claims depreciation and interest deductions
  • Hedges a company against volatile interest rates

10% or 20% PUT (Purchase Upon Termination)

  • Allows company to purchase or continue lease on month-to-month basis
  • Lessee still receives benefits of ownership at a lower monthly payment
  • Alleviates cash flow strains of fully amortized loan

“We are extremely thankful to TEAM Financial for assisting us to secure stable financing for the leasing of our school buses. They took the time to understand our finances and funding source requirements and now we have a fleet rotation plan that works like clockwork. We like using locally based businesses as they help support locally based non-profits like us. They are a true ‘TEAM’ in every sense of the word.”
N. Priebe, CPA; Controller
Michigan Family Resources

Payment Options

TEAM can offer several combinations of Payment and Term Options to suit most any businesses needs. Our contracts are written on our paper and decisions are made by Team’s underwriters allowing ultimate flexibility to customize payment options.

Payment Options

  • Step-Up and Step-Down
  • Quarterly/Semi-Annual/Annual Payments
  • Skip payments to Assist with Seasonal Cash Flow (e.g. golf course, landscape)
  • Other options available

Term Options

  • 24 month
  • 36 month
  • 48 month
  • 60 month
  • Other options available upon request and review

Benefits of Financing

100% Financing/Flexible
With equipment leasing/financing your payments are often greatly lower than traditional loans. Many times there is little or no up-front cost due at closing. We also include out-of-pocket expenses like shipping, freight, and installation. Working with TEAM enables you to structure repayment plans with seasonal work if you choose to. YOU DECIDE.

Working Capital Availability
Many true-leases or operating leases are considered off-balance sheet financing which essentially leaves your credit lines intact for other business purposes. Along with keeping credit lines intact, leasing may also create more appealing financial ratios for future business ventures.

Fixed Expense/Inflation Hedge
A fixed payment makes it is easier to create an accurate budget. Also, by locking into a fixed interest rate, you will create a hedge against inflation and pay yesterday’s payment on today’s dollar.

Avoid Equipment Obsolescence
Operating leases allow you to not be tied to outdated equipment. Today’s quickly changing technology makes it hard to stay on the cutting edge, but leasing makes updating obsolete equipment easy.

Tax Benefits
Lease payments are extremely tax advantageous with the possibility of expensing lease payments up to 100%.

Fast & Easy Decisions
We can have an answer to you within a couple of hours with only an application in most cases. Some larger deals may require additional financial information but, at TFG we want the financing process to be quick and painless for our customers.