Team strives to be a partner to our vendors and our clients

All of us at Team Financial realize that we are not the only game in town to offer you similar services. We will always go one step further than our competition. We will continuously work to earn and keep your trust. In addition, we also make it really easy to finance with us! Here is a quick look at how we are different from the other institutions.

Easily reach live person on the phone?

Quick answer on a financing request?

Fast closing?

Common sense credit requirements?

Low down payment needed?

Finance soft costs?

Finance hardware and software?

Seasonal payment structure

Low minimum amount to finance?

“Theresa Skuras is a valuable resource. She is courteous, competent, and professional. Simply turn the lead over to her and go on about your business. She’ll do the rest. Truly a cut above.”
John Price
Cloverdale Equipment