1. Win.Win.Win. We strive for each transaction to be a win for the vendor, the client and for Team Financial.

  1. THE 5 F’s. Tim and Joe agreed at the onset that the company would use the 5 F’s as the building blocks of the organization. The 5 F’s are, in order:
    a. FAITH. Team is an unregulated business, but the founders agreed that God would regulate all decisions and actions. Nothing we own belongs to us, it all belongs to God and He can take it from us at any moment. It is our responsibility to be good stewards of what we are given and to always be honest and respectful with our business partners.
    b. FAMILY. Hard work is critical to our success, but a commitment to family takes precedence. A balanced life is always the goal.
    c. FINANCES. Being prudent with our financial resources is of utmost importance, both personally and as a company. Team’s inventory is $$ and we need to live humbly enough to allow us to reinvest as much as possible back into the company.
    d. FRIENDS. Maintain balance in life. Also, build relationships with vendors, clients, and employees so that everyone knows how much we value the relationship.
    e. FUN. Don’t forget to smile and laugh every day. What we do is a blessing and we will do it better if we remember to not take ourselves too seriously.

  1. FAST PAY MAKES FAST FRIENDS. Pay our vendors quickly, exceed their expectations.

  1. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS KING. Again, this is not complicated. Answer the phone. Return email messages. Exceed expectations.

  1. LISTEN. Be kind and helpful always. It may be old fashioned but Team has grown because we “block and tackle;” we execute the fundamentals consistently.