Aero Lift, Inc. rents, sells, and repairs SkyTrak forklifts and attachments throughout Michigan. The company also provides field service, support, and parts nationwideWith 25 years of history in the commercial equipment industry, Aero Lift offers customers friendly service, timely shipments, and competitive pricing. 

Aero Lift Strives to Improve Sales, Efficiency, and Customer Relations 

Aero Lift aims for efficiency in everything they do, and the Aero Lift team is always looking for new ways to improve. Since Aero Lift wanted to increase their sales and streamline the purchasing experience for customersthe company began to explore the possibility of providing financing options for equipment purchases. By offering financing, Aero Lift would not only be able to attract more customers but would also improve the relationships they build with their clients. 

However, handling the extra organizational burden and risk involved in offering financing services was not something Aero Lift wanted to take on as a company. So, Aero Lift began to look at financing partners. Team Financial Group came highly recommended through a colleague, and Aero Lift decided to inquire about becoming a Team Financial Group vendor partner. 

Impressed with Team Financial Group’s efficiency, flexibility, and responsiveness, Aero Lift partnered with Team Financial Group to provide Aero Lift customers with flexible financing options. 

“We’ve been partners for five-plus years,” says Aero Lift, Inc. President, Jim Koontz. “If a client requests financing, Team Financial Group will get it done.” 

Aero Lift Benefits From Partnership With Team Financial Group 

Team Financial Group offers financing options for commercial equipment needs, which allows Aero Lift to provide customers with financing for SkyTrak purchases. And by partnering with Team Financial Group, Aero Lift receives all of the benefits of offering flexible payment options with none of the risk or hassle. 

Aero Lift says they’ve experienced benefits from the partnership that include: 

Make Team Financial Group Your Financing Partner Today 

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The content provided here is for informational purposes only. For financial advice, please contact our commercial financing experts. 

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