Founded in 2012, Darby Metal Treating, Inc. is a manufacturing company based in Plainwell, Michigan. It provides heat treatments for the aerospace, automotive, and medical industries. Darby Metal Treating’s goal is to exceed customer expectations with the quality and overall value of the services provided.

No matter the size of the company, the Darby Metal Treating team strives to treat all its customers like family and give them on-time delivery with the best service possible.

Team Financial Group Financing Helps Boost Year-Over-Year Growth

Darby Metal Treating’s general manager, Tom Darby, first worked with Team Financial Group on equipment financing when he was president of a sister company named TMD Machining, Inc. A couple years later, Tom founded Darby Metal Treating with his daughter, Adrien, and turned to Team Financial Group to help fill up their facility with heat-treating equipment.

As a new company, Tom and Adrien thought that initial financing would be challenging, but Team Financial Group proved to be flexible, creative, and easy to work with, just as they were with the more seasoned TMD Machining.

The heat-treating company had ambitious goals, and it needed to invest in advanced equipment and technology to succeed. With help from Team Financial Group, Darby Metal Treating could buy much-needed equipment and help its business expand.

“My father’s experience with Tim and Joe at Team Financial Group was always positive, so it made sense to reach out to them for our start-up company, Darby Metal. Despite the limited sales volume at the time, Team Financial trusted our plan and provided the financing to acquire the critical equipment needed to grow our capacity,” Adrien says. “They are extremely responsive and approach our business as if they are a team member. Their financial expertise and passion to help their clients succeed clearly showed with how they have serviced both our companies. They provide more than just financing to us. We really value their insights and opinions related to the economy and our company’s long-term growth objectives.”

Team Financial Group took the time to learn more about the challenges and opportunities faced by Darby Metal Treating. Both Tom and Adrien Darby annually meet with Team Financial Group to discuss long-term goals, year-over-year growth, and capital expenditure budgeting.

Adrien knows that Team Financial Group is a valued partner who cares about her company’s success.

“You won’t be disappointed if you work with Team Financial,” Adrien says. “They are fast, friendly, knowledgeable, and take the time to really understand your business.”

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