Pipetek Infrastructure Services, LLC

Pipetek Infrastructure Services is a municipal contractor for underground infrastructure. Pipetek provides services such as mainline inspections, utility locating, and sewer maintenance.

The team at Pipetek is dedicated to delivering outstanding customer service and making sure each customer is 100% satisfied. Quality and reliability are non-negotiable in the infrastructure industry, and cutting-edge equipment makes all the difference when it comes to providing quality work on a demanding schedule.

Pipetek Needed to Increase Their Fleet, Fast!

Like many booming small businesses, Pipetek’s rapid growth created some hurdles. The company needed to manage their cash flow while still investing to increase their capacity and capabilities.

Pipetek spoke to one of their equipment dealers about their purchasing options. The dealer referred Pipetek to Team Financial Group for help acquiring the equipment they needed to get the job done.

Team Financial Group Helped Pipetek Find the Right Financing Option

Pipetek was looking to purchase long-term assets such as trucks and other equipment that they would use for years to come. Team Financial Group recommended one of our most popular financing options for equipment, the $1 buyout lease. This option allowed Pipetek to minimize their up-front expenses by paying a fixed amount each month. Additionally, with a $1 buyout lease, the company would own the equipment throughout the financing term. Because Pipetek planned to keep using the equipment in the future, the $1 buyout option met their needs perfectly.

With the $1 buyout financing, Pipetek was able to finance some of their very first units of equipment. In the two and a half years since then, they’ve partnered with Team Financial Group for several other financing transactions.

“Team Financial Group has always had a very strong belief in our success,” says Kyle Dehne, managing director at Pipetek, “and that confidence in us has made [working with them] feel like a partnership versus just another financial transaction. We are really happy with the service and support we have received.”

Some of the equipment Team Financial Group has helped Pipetek acquire includes:

Need Help Financing Your Equipment? You’ve Come to the Right Place

At Team Financial Group, we offer a variety of flexible financing options and terms, and we’ll work with you to develop a plan that’s right for your business. Whether you’re a start-up looking to finance your first pieces of equipment or you need to scale up an established business to keep up with demand, Team Financial Group is here to help.

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