Proper Beverage Co.: A One-Stop-Shop Beverage Production

Proper Beverage is a beverage production company that manufactures several proprietary lines of canned drinks in addition to taking clients’ ideas from concept to market. Proper Beverage partners with other companies to provide full-service beverage production capabilities, including product development, canning, packaging, and even marketing services.

Proper Beverage’s Lack of Credit History Created Roadblocks for Financing

When Proper Beverage first started looking for a financing partner, they repeatedly came across companies who loved their story and business plan but wouldn’t provide capital due to the beverage company’s lack of established business credit. They faced the same fundamental issue so many people face when trying to build credit: it’s tough to find a lender who will lend to a company with little to no business credit history, but it’s also hard to develop a credit history without receiving some type of credit first.

The lack of available financing created serious obstacles for Proper Beverage. The company couldn’t build the production facility they required to can their beverages and generate revenue, let alone act on their plans to expand the company to offer beverage production services to clients.

Fortunately, Proper Beverage President Kevin Clement heard about Team Financial Group and decided to get in touch. Team Financial Group was willing to look at Proper Beverage holistically rather than focusing only on credit history. After learning about Proper Beverage’s story, leadership, business plan, and vision, Team Financial Group knew a partnership made sense.

“While numbers are important, we wouldn’t have made the cut early on if Team Financial Group had made their lending decision based on numbers alone,” Kevin says. “They looked at our whole story — our business plan, our backgrounds, and our vision.”

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Team Financial Group Looked Past Proper Beverage’s Lack of Established Credit to Find a Financing Solution

Team Financial Group recommended their popular $1 buyout financing option to help Proper Beverage get on their feet. This option allowed Proper Beverage to purchase the equipment they needed to start production, including:

“We would not be here without Team Financial Group, period,” says Kevin Clement. “Had we not found them, we would not have been able to finance production and would not have the half of our business that is co-packing.”

Team Financial Group Offers Flexible Financing Options for Growing Businesses

At Team Financial Group, we know that credit history isn’t everything, and we consider a wide variety of factors when evaluating a financing application. We partner with a wide range of growing businesses with a variety of capital needs and credit histories to find flexible financing solutions. If you’re ready to get started, fill out our easy online application and let us do the rest.

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