LaLonde’s Market offers the highest quality meats, seafood, and produce at fair market prices. The 3,500-square-foot market and butcher shop also sells a variety of other goods, including beer, wine, and liquor. LaLonde’s, which is based in Midland, Michigan, focuses on selling quality goods while offering the highest level of customer service.

As a Small Business, LaLonde’s Needs to Compete Against Larger Chain Stores

LaLonde’s Market has a loyal following in their local community, but they also face competition from large chains and big-box stores. LaLonde’s turned to their supplier relationships to explore opportunities, but they often got the feeling suppliers were more interested in cultivating relationships with the larger chains.

For LaLonde’s, one of the biggest challenges involved keeping up with equipment updates and repairs. A lack of available cash for equipment updates made it especially challenging to keep up with big-name competitors.

“Many independent [businesses] have to make do with used or old equipment because that’s all they can afford,” says owner LaLonde’s Market owner Scott MacNellis, “Sometimes, that puts us at a disadvantage with our competition.”

LaLonde’s had never considered commercial equipment financing to help address cash flow challenges. Then, while working with Consumer’s Energy to decrease the market’s energy costs, Scott and Emily MacNellis learned about Team Financial Group. The electrical contractor Michigan Energy Business Solutions recommended Team Financial Group for help with the Consumer’s Energy Electrical Upgrade and Michigan Saves programs. Team Financial Group offers energy financing for LED, HVAC, refrigeration, boilers, solar and more at rates as low as 0%.

Team Financial Group Helped LaLonde’s Cut Their Energy Bill by 25%

Team Financial Group provided financing so LaLonde’s could upgrade their lighting and electrical equipment. LaLonde’s was able to switch over much of their existing equipment to more energy-efficient options, including their:

These upgrades helped LaLonde’s cut their energy bill by 25%, saving the market thousands of dollars a year.

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LaLonde’s Turned to Team Financial Group for All Their Equipment Needs

LaLonde’s energy overhaul was just the beginning. The market’s point-of-sale (POS) system was more than 11 years old; the system showed significant wear, and the registers often crashed. The system was past its expiration date and in desperate need of an upgrade.

After wrapping up their energy project, LaLonde’s looked at getting a conventional loan to update their POS system. But after talking with a few banks and feeling unsatisfied with the offers they received, the market’s owners decided to call Team Financial Group and inquire about financing. Team Financial Group helped LaLonde’s settle on a financing solution that same day.

LaLonde’s owners Scott and Emily MacNellis admits that he and his wife hesitated before agreeing to partner with a financing company on the other side of the state. However, MacNellis says Team Financial Group did an outstanding job of staying in touch. Blake from Team Financial Group even visited LaLonde’s in person a few months later to check on the market’s progress and ask about any obstacles.

MacNellis also said he was thrilled with Team Financial Group’s competitive rates, easy approval process, and relentless dedication to outstanding customer service.

“Call Team Financial Group and tell them your story. Let them know what you hope to accomplish. They will really listen to your goals and needs. This has been the easiest financing we have had for new equipment and upgrades. I can call and talk to Blake anytime, and he knows who I am.” – Scott MacNellis, Owner of LaLonde’s Market

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