Integrated Technology LLC (ITg) takes a customer-centered, fresh approach to the office automation business. Founded in 2018, the company offers a one-stop business solution for office supplies, document management, VoIP, digital marketing, and managed network services. Today, its goal remains the same: to optimize customer workflows and improve efficiency and effectiveness while substantially improving their customers’ bottom line.

Why Integrated Technology Partnered With Team Financial Group

Prior to ITg’s partnership with Team Financial Group, the company couldn’t find a lender interested in offering financing to potential technology customers, according to Integrated Technology’s VP/CSO Sergio Castro. ITg called several major lenders, but none were willing to partner and create a monthly payment option for a small technology company. These companies operate in an industry where equipment quickly becomes obsolete, so having a lender that can offer a variety of monthly payment acquisition options is essential for their sustained success.

“Two years ago, we went to a number of financial institutions to develop a business relationship, but they didn’t want anything to do with a start-up,” says Sergio. “When we met Team Financial Group, their only concern was to help us grow our business. Our partnership has been solely based on trust and loyalty ever since.”

Team Financial Group has also helped Integrated Technology meet their production inventory needs when major orders arise, which empowers them to scale with flexibility.

“In order to keep our partners happy and successful, we need to be able to provide services and solutions at a moment’s notice. Thanks to partnering with Team Financial Group, we’re able to meet that sort of demand in near real-time,” notes Sergio.

The company’s reasons for staying with Team Financial Group are equally clear.

“You can either be just another number at the top of the invoice with some of these financing groups or you can have a financial partner that gives you exceptional one-to-one personal service as you scale and grow. We’re happy to have a partner that is always willing to think outside of the box and deliver when called upon.”

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At Team Financial Group, we offer a variety of fast, flexible financing terms and options to meet your business’ needs. Whether you need to finance heavy equipment, new office furniture, or have other specific needs, you can count on Team Financial Group to offer sound advice and sensible solutions.

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