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Our Commercial Financing Options

Equipment Financing

  • Popular option for long-term assets that retain their value

  • Protects against rising interest rates

  • Fixed monthly payments

  • You own and depreciate the equipment

  • At end of term, you have no further obligations

Equipment Leasing

  • Popular option for equipment that becomes obsolete

  • Helps manage the costs of continually updating equipment

  • Carry a lower payment

  • You do not own the equipment

  • You can purchase the equipment at term end

Benefits of Commercial Equipment Financing

Minimize Initial Expenses

Get the equipment you need now with minimal effect on your cash flow.

Conserve Working Capital

Combine all equipment-related expenses into one easy payment with 100% financing.

Earn Tax Benefits

Deduct some of your payments and receive Section 179 benefits.

Easily Upgrade Equipment

Choose a leasing option for easy regular upgrades and avoid outdated equipment.

Make Fixed Payments

Create more accurate budgets and financial plans.

Vendor Partnerships

Benefits of Offering Financing

  • Provide your customer with a one-stop-shop process for purchasing your equipment
  • Increase your sales by offering additional purchasing methods
  • Offer monthly payment options that overcome customers’ price concerns

Why Choose Team Financial Group as Your Financing Partner?

  • We take a hands-on or hands-off approach as necessary to meet your needs regarding speaking with your clients
  • We provide marketing support as well as same-day approvals and funding
  • We offer the flexibility of working with an independent lender with 18 years in the industry

Customized Payment Options

Payment and term options that work for you

Payment Options

  • Step-up and step-down
  • Quarterly/semi-annual/annual payments
  • Skip payments to assist with seasonal cash flow
  • Varying payments offered for cyclical businesses
  • Other options available

Term Options

  • 24 months
  • 36 months
  • 48 months
  • 60 months
  • Other options available upon request and review

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