RGD Builders

RGD Builders is a framing company in Hudsonville, Michigan, that works with manufacturers and construction companies to build residential and commercial structures. RGD places a high value on the quality and timeliness of their work. They also strive to complete each project within the scope and schedule with zero issues at the time of inspection.

RGD Needed Financing to Stay on Schedule and Keep Up With High Demands

RGD required additional heavy construction equipment to keep up with construction demands while still delivering on time. In the construction industry, if a single element of the build takes longer than planned, the entire project can quickly fall behind. RGD knew they needed to purchase more equipment, but in their industry, significant business growth and cash flows often prevent the outright purchasing of necessary equipment.

RGD heard about Team Financial Group from other local companies. With all the positive reviews and comments they heard regarding Team Financial Group, RGD knew exactly where to turn for all their commercial financing needs.

Team Financial Group Provided the Financing RGD Needed to Build a Better Business

Team Financial Group recommended their equipment financing option for RGD’s financing needs. Construction companies often favor this type of financing, as the lease allows the company to:

With the help of Team Financial Group, RGD Builders bought several different types of heavy construction equipment, including a variety of telehandlers and forklifts.

“Team Financial Group has a great group of people that can relate to us on a personal and business level,” says Ben Dozeman, owner of RGD Builders, “We feel comfortable using their services, and all of our transactions with them have been efficient, convenient, and easy.”

Being able to finance their heavy equipment gave RGD the capacity and financial security to grow their business and keep up with high demand.

“Our relationship with Team Financial Group has been a great experience from start to present,” says Ben Dozeman, “and we plan on continuing with them into the future.”

Team Financial Group Provides Commercial Financing Plans Built for Your Business’ Unique Needs

At Team Financial Group, we understand that each business is unique, and we can provide standard financing solutions or a custom build to fit your business needs. Using our extensive industry experience, we’ll sit down and help you choose the best financing option for your business. Visit our finance page for more information about our offerings.

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