Hudsonville, Michigan-based Straight Edge Customs offers residential, multifamily, and commercial customers a variety of carpentry services, including rough and finish carpentry, custom cabinetry, and decks. Owner Geoff Farrier works to ensure that his deep industry knowledge and positive attitude win over homeowners and contractors. He’s also committed to helping young people find quality careers in the professional carpentry industry.

Team Financial Group Helped Straight Edge Customs Build a Strong Financial Framework

Like many startups, Straight Edge Customs needed capital to grow. Without vehicles and heavy equipment for large scale, on-site carpentry jobs, the company’s future was dire. But even with a strong business model, banks and other traditional lenders weren’t willing to work with them.

Thankfully, Geoff knew precisely where to turn to make sure his new startup thrived. While working with a different company, Geoff had partnered with Team Financial Group.

“Team Financial Group did not look at Straight Edge as ‘just numbers,’” Geoff says. “They get to know your business and see what you need. Relationships matter to them, and it shows. We can call, and it’s never a worry. If [they] can help you, they will.”

More than five years later, he doesn’t regret his decision. When the company needs to update its equipment, it still turns to Team Financial Group for fast, flexible options.

“Team Financial Group was genuinely there to help then,” Geoff says, “and they’ve supported my financial needs ever since.”

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