Since being founded by a small team of data and communications professionals in 2003, Compass Communications Group has quickly grown into a premier communications solutions provider for senior living communities in Michigan and throughout the Great Lakes region.

In addition to wireless nurse call systems, Compass Communications Group provides access control, wander management, fall management, phone systems, CC camera systems, and other tools to help senior living and skilled nursing communities support the health and safety of their residents.

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Finding the Right Partner a Challenge for Compass Communications Group

Skilled nursing facilities work hard to make their communities not only safe for residents, but also as comfortable and “home-like” as possible. But even after taking advantage of government incentive programs, upgrading technology can still represent a major capital expense and require additional financing.

During Compass Communications Group’s first few years in business, finding the right financing partner to help their clients purchase nursing call systems and other key tools was a major challenge.

“We tried a couple financing companies and it was a disaster,” says Robin Rosier, founding member and sales/account manager at Compass Communications Group. “Either I had to handle all the communication and financial paperwork with the client and do more work for little or no compensation, or the lender dropped the ball and I had to make excuses and chase folks down on both sides of the transaction.”

The final straw for one vendor, according to Rosier, was when the president at a major company called her to say that, if he didn’t know her personally, he’d never consider doing business with Compass again due to the way he was treated by the financing company representative.

Fortunately, things got a lot smoother once Team Financial Group entered the picture.

Team Financial Group Provides Easy and Painless Financing for Compass’ Clients

From the beginning, Compass Communications Group has believed in following the golden rule and approaching each installation as if they were working to keep their own family members safe.

That philosophy has helped Compass Communications Group build long-term, trusting relationships with their clients. And it’s why they demand the same level of dedication and integrity from their key business partners.

“Team Financial Group is a stellar finance partner,” Rosier says. “I can confidently turn over my clients to Joe (Smaby, Team Financial Group’s Vice President of Sales), knowing that he will handle everything professionally and treat my clients the way I would treat them.”

According to Rosier, multiple Compass Communications Group clients have commented about how smooth the approval process is with Team Financial Group.

More than 15 years later, the partnership between the two companies is still going strong. Team Financial Group has attended trade shows with Compass Communications Group over the years, and both companies keep each other in mind when networking and business opportunities arise that might benefit the other (or the other’s clients).

“We feel like Team Financial Group is part of our team,” Rosier says. “We would never consider working with anyone else.”

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