When hospitals, universities, and other laboratories need anatomic pathology lab equipment, they turn to Rankin Biomedical. Based in Holly, MI, Rankin provides a comprehensive line of refurbished medical equipment, including histology and cytology lab apparatuses for cancer diagnostics.

Buying this kind of equipment brand new is prohibitively expensive, and many labs don’t have the budget to accommodate those prices. Rankin Biomedical solves this problem by finding used medical devices and putting them through “The Rankin Extreme Makeover.” They are then able to provide quality equipment at a much more affordable rate.

Even though this reduces costs, labs needing multiple pieces of equipment and researchers waiting on grants to be dispersed still need assistance to stay within budget or keep a healthy cash flow. And this is where Rankin’s partnership with Team Financial Group comes into play. It makes the purchasing process fast and easy and, as you will see, this is a win-win for both Rankin and their clients.

Under the Microscope: See Why Our Flexible Financing Works Best for Rankin’s Clients

Traditional lenders don’t always see the advantage of the business Rankin Biomedical conducts. Seeing “used” as some kind of financial risk, they typically prefer to finance new equipment. Those lenders don’t take the time to understand that Rankin is known in the industry for their expert team’s high-quality refurbishment process.

Purchasing refurbished medical equipment at 50-80% below the cost of new is an excellent way for clients to take advantage of cost savings and improve cash flow, especially when you factor in Rankin’s rock-solid warranty and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

That’s why a flexible commercial lender like Team Financial Group is a great choice for Rankin’s savvy clients. “Team Financial Group helps us close deals,” says Justin Rabidoux, VP of Sales at Rankin Biomedical.

In part due to the excellent experience that they have working with Team Financial Group, Rankin promotes the following benefits of financing on their site:

It’s a no-brainer for their clients, Rankin Biomedical and Team Financial Group simply make it affordable and easy for labs to purchase medical equipment.

The Anatomy of a Good Partnership

Rankin Biomedical and Team Financial Group share a common goal: world-class customer service. By paying special attention to the specific needs of our customers, we earn their trust and repeat business.

Why does Rankin prefer when their customers finance through Team Financial Group? “We know our customers are being taken care of,” says Rabidoux. He describes financing through Team Financial Group as “simple, quick, and painless.”

Plus, when their clients use Team Financial Group to finance the biomedical equipment they need, Rankin gets paid faster.

That’s a win for the clients and a win for Rankin Biomedical!

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