Wondering what types of equipment you can purchase with help from a financing partner? As an independently owned commercial equipment financing company, Team Financial Group has the flexibility to finance businesses across many different industries and at all stages of growth and development. Whatever equipment and assets your company needs, we can help.

In this article, we’ll go into more details about some of the most popular equipment types we finance.

Heavy Equipment

Whether you’re a new business purchasing your first set of equipment or an established company looking to acquire more assets to keep up with demand, purchasing heavy equipment can be pricey. For example, if you need to buy your first refrigerated truck to transport products, you can expect that truck to be much more expensive than buying a typical passenger vehicle.

At Team Financial Group, we have years of experience helping clients finance commercial equipment such as:

Since most of our clients want to keep their heavy equipment for many years to come, we typically recommend a $1 buyout financing option for this type of equipment purchase. With this type of lease, you own the equipment outright and pay fixed monthly payments, which can also protect you from interest rate fluctuations.

Interested in learning more about how our $1 buyout option could help you acquire the heavy equipment you need? Check out the following client success story.

CLIENT SUCCESS STORY: RGD Builders Receives a Financing Option Built for Their Business

Technology Upgrades

Keeping up with the latest technology is crucial for any company. One of the problems companies face is that technology quickly becomes obsolete, and the frequent upgrades needed to stay current can become a financial burden.

Partnering with Team Financial Group can help relieve the strain of purchasing costly replacements for outdated technology. Our equipment leasing options can help you manage the costs of continuously updating equipment while carrying a lower payment. You can also choose at the end of your term whether you want to purchase the product or upgrade to the latest tech.

Some examples of technology we’ve helped clients acquire:

Manufacturing and Storage Assets

Manufacturing companies require a variety of assets and equipment to produce goods on time and store them safely. And even companies outside the manufacturing industry sometimes need to make major equipment purchases like refrigerated storage rooms or customizable packing solutions.

Manufacturing and storage assets can vary greatly from company to company, but in the past, we’ve financed:

One of our agricultural clients, New Era’s American Apple, needed a variety of manufacturing, packaging, and storage equipment to help keep their fruits and vegetables fresh and minimize the time from harvest to market. The company’s unique cash flows also meant they needed a customized financing option that worked with the seasonal nature of their business. You can learn more about how we were able to help American Apple by reading the following client success story.

CLIENT SUCCESS STORY: American Apple Receives Financing to Help Grow Their Business — And Their Crops

Other Types of Equipment

Although we work with many clients in the construction, manufacturing, and agricultural industries, we have also served businesses in a wide range of other industries. Some of these companies have included automotive dealerships, investment firms, and beverage production companies who have partnered with Team Financial Group to acquire equipment such as:

For more information about the equipment we’ve financed, check out the ”industries served” section on our homepage.

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