Xtreme Xpress is an agriculture and transportation company in Seymour, Indiana. Although Xtreme Xpress started as (and still is) a farming business, they also developed their own fleet of trucks to transport their products. Later, they began hiring out those trucks to other local farmers. Xtreme Xpress was able to add this new source of revenue thanks to help from their long-standing financing partner, Team Financial Group.

At first, Xtreme Xpress just needed a few trucks to transport their products from farm to store. However, as a small business, Xtreme Xpress needed to conserve working capital. So, the company needed a financing partner with experience handling commercial equipment transactions, and they required flexible financing options that would work around the seasonal nature of their farming business.

Xtreme Xpress also wanted to obtain financing faster than they could through a bank and avoid hassle and paperwork that their small team wasn’t equipped to handle. Team Financial Group fit the bill perfectly.

“[The experts at Team Financial Group] are efficient, honest, and have a short turnaround time,” says Xtreme Xpress owner Robert Broshears. “You email or pick up the phone and explain what you want, they list the requirements, and you’re done. They produce the paperwork, and it’s settled.”

A $1 Buyout Lease Let Xtreme Xpress Get the Equipment They Needed

After evaluating Xtreme Xpress’s needs, Team Financial Group recommended a $1 buyout lease so the company could get the assets they needed with affordable monthly payments. Using the financing they received, Xtreme Xpress acquired their first trucks.

As their company continued to grow, Xtreme Xpress discovered that other local farmers needed access to trucks. So, the company expanded their fleet and began to rent trucks to local farms.

Over the years, Xtreme Xpress has returned to Team Financial Group whenever they need additional funding.

“Team Financial Group has been an important part of our business over the past 15 years,” says Robert Broshears. “We have had countless loans and encounters, and all have been effortless.”

Xtreme Xpress’ partnership with Team Financial Group has allowed the company to acquire a wide range of truck and farm equipment, including:

“Time is money,” Robert Broshears says. “When you’re a small business, you don’t have the staff to expend on meetings and paperwork and hoops to jump through. You need a seamless process that is efficient, and Team Financial Group has been that lender for us.”

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